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Aaron Tintle and Gosia Tintle, Founder, Owner


With a talent and passion for cleaning Gosia started cleaning homes in her spare time and before she knew it she had more clients than she could handle. That is when Aaron, her husband, joined the team and they formally became Polish ‘n Buff Clean Team, today known as PNB House Cleaning.

Our trustworthy staff are screened and qualified for your protection. Their commitment to quality house cleaning services and care insures your house cleaning services are consistent and hassle-free.

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Our convenient scheduling allows you to choose the day you want service. We’re here for you Monday through Saturday, so start scheduling your FREE Time right away!
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Our Top-To-Bottom cleaning services provides everything your home needs to be entirely fresh and clean. This service includes all General House Cleaning services plus additional services with the highest level of details. If you’re seeking to have more time and peace back into your day, contact us for a quote!

General House

(weekly-bi-weekly-monthly-one time)
Our General House Cleaning service includes for our trustworthy, friendly staff to perform all the basic cleaning tasks allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. If you’re eager to have us tackle the necessary chores and keep your home spotless, this service is for you!


With this service, you can expect the most thorough professional housekeeping service available. If you’re seeking to focus on moving versus cleaning, our local maids are here to help. Known for their attention to detail and making homes sparkle, we’d love to help you in your transition.
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